Architects who share your attention to detail

Behind every one of our projects there are numerous interesting stories about the people, what they do with their building and the good causes they are linked with. In this news section we bring you the stories behind these buildings…

It’s all in the detail – Aston Hall’s Virage Suite is almost there…

When we begin the concept designs for any project it always seems an age before we start on site. It’s the development of the detail that take time – planning and listed building consents, consultations with Statutory Bodies, tendering for the contactors and so on. But once on site projects seem to fly and none more so than the extension at Aston Hall Hotel.

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Another listed building is brought back into use by the Trinity Hospital Estates …

As Conservation Accredited Architects we will always look for a ‘wise use’ for a building, encouraging it to grow as we believe careful and responsible management of the building and surrounding environment is vital to its long term survival. An empty building is going to deteriorate over time, but if you can breathe new life into it with a new use – it will flourish.

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CPD – EASA Summer Conference June 2018

I had a great day out at the EASA Summer Conference. I always find this the perfect time to meet with ‘like-minded’ professionals and the CPD is a chance for me to expand on my knowledge. There is always an amazing story either about the architect of a building that we are visiting or the building itself and this time we heard about the architect Sam Scorer and the stained glass artist Keith New.

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Lottery support for St Swithun’s Church, Long Bennington…

St Swithun’s, a wonderful Grade I listed parish church in Long Bennington, has had ongoing challenges with the condition of the building, but we were very excited to hear that they have been awarded an HLF Development Grant for identifying the urgent repairs. We attended the official announcement with the PCC last week that signalled the start of the project.

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The challenges of historic building projects…

I was very impressed by the turn out for the talk that I gave at St Thomas’ Church this week – considering it was the first sign of snow and the wind was biting – in fact more than a couple of people who turned up had said they were thinking should they or shouldn’t they, but were pleased that they had!

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Re-ordering homes for modern living…

People often assume that as architects we design the whole building, which we do, but we are very often asked to re-design just the insides too. Very often people still love the house that they live in or its location, but the flow or the feel of the building doesn’t suit their needs like it did when they first brought it. Growing families, or the way we live means that our needs change.

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