I have always considered Continuing Professional Development (CPD) an important part of my career development and realise that I have a duty not only to my profession, but also to my clients, to undertake as a minimum the required number of hours set by the professional bodies that I am associated with.

My CPD has changed over the years as my experience has grown, however I am still very enthusiastic about it, especially when I get the opportunity to attend structured CPD and see craftspeople at work, which happened recently when I attended the EASA Summer Conference in York and visited a number of talks and workshops. I enjoyed the Chris Topp visit to the Blacksmith’s iron forge workshop and in particularly looking at the amazing creativity and the beautiful execution of the work produced by his team using traditional iron work skills and techniques.


Friday also included a talk on the changes that are coming to the HLF Grant System and more general information on grant matters. There was a very informative talk by the Senior Architectural Conservator for Historic England on the latest research into Lime Mortars, which will definitely be useful for the works that we undertake on heritage building projects.

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