Architects who share your attention to detail

Behind every one of our projects there are numerous interesting stories about the people, what they do with their building and the good causes they are linked with. In this news section we bring you the stories behind these buildings…

Conserving our Memories…

I have always said that conservation isn’t just about buildings – memories are precious too. As we get older our memories grow less intense, what we remembered in great detail in the beginning, becomes more hazy as time goes by. That’s probably one of the reasons that I love to take so many photos, to serve as a reminder, so that I don’t forget the detail.

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Askham St Nicholas – It’s all in the Detail!

I don’t normally do before and after shots, but thought that the workmanship has been completed so skilfully that I couldn’t resist.

The Prior’s Door is located within the South Wall of the 13th Century Chancel of St Nicholas Church, Askham. The stone work reveals and arched head suffered significant decay to the back face which resulted in large gaps and poor weathering against the door, in some areas there were pockets more than 75mm deep. The purpose of the stone repairs was to provide improved weathering to the door opening and protection to the surrounding fabric.

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